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“The Renewed Mind”

As Believers we have been called to a personal consecration. Meaning our lives should be a reflection Of Christ, it is our reasonable service to yeild our lives, ourselves And as well as Our Bodies to consecrate ourselves to Him Each Day. The Daily transfermation, where we are being changed from Glory To Glory into […]

What Are You Sowing?

So Today I Will be doing Another Summary Of My Superintndent’s Messege Today! & Just some notes that i wrote down. “What Are You Sowing” My God Another Powerful Messege, What are you sowing into the Hearts of others & what are you sowing into your own Heart. Those who sow sparingly will reap an […]

“Write The Vision”

Write The Vision, Make It Plain…. We all Should be familiar with the song By Patrick Love that says Write the Vision, Make it Plain, That they may run, and not faint, Though the Vision is only for a while, it shall “Speak” And Not “Lie” For If the Lord said It, You Can Count […]

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